Yamaha FS800


The Yamaha FS800 is a solid spruce top orchestra body guitar, with a wonderful rich tone and punches high above its class. This guitar has a smaller body than your typical dreadnought style, making it great for smaller players or anyone who is tired of uncomfortably large guitars.



Choice woods, the finest craftmanship and a smaller folk style body make the FS series an individual alternative to the larger bodied FG. Precise, smooth response and a sweet, focused tone make this a great choice for recording or fingerpicking.

The Yamaha FS800(“FS” stands for Folk-Small) has a body dimension of 19.1 x 41.6 x 6 inches. Given that the FS is a much smaller guitar, players with short hands will find comfort in this guitar’s tighter string spacing at bridge and shorter neck.

The Yamaha FS is a perfect guitar for players who are used to playing smaller instruments, or prefer playing on a smaller guitar. Its smaller size also makes it very portable.