Bike Rentals

Hybrid bikes are perfect for exploring our beautiful Avon Region. They are suitable for rails to trails or casual road riding. All rentals include a helmet (for your safety) and lock (for bike security).

Traveling by bike appeals to a broad spectrum of people and there are many ways to do it. It can be done individually, with friends, or with a commercial tour operator. People of all ages, backgrounds, and regions of the world choose the bicycle as their favorite means of travel. Adults in their seventies and children in their teens (and younger!) have ridden all the way across Canada.

Bicycle travel is attractive for many reasons: it’s an exciting challenge that allows us to explore new landscapes and cultures, build physical fitness, and experience the joy of breathing fresh air and meeting new people every day.

Please reserve your bike beforehand to ensure availability.

Tandem bikes available soon for folks who want to work together.

stock image - actual bikes for rent vary.