The Spoke & Note has a wide range of bikes for the whole family, from road to mountain and everything inbetween.

Ride a bike and change your life. Biking to work is fun, plain and simple. Riding a bike for recreation is just pure joy. Cycling is good for you AND the environment. It helps with:

  • improved fitness,
  • makes you happier than driving,
  • the regular exercise is good for your brain power,
  • it saves money (lots of money!),
  • it gets you and others fresh air,
  • it can be more convenient than driving, and
  • it gives you FREEDOM.

Explore the city at your own pace, try a new route, stop for coffee on the way to work and check out a new neighborhood on your way home. Cycling opens up avenues, both literal and figurative, to see your city in a whole new way. It’s your community, go live in it!

Here in Nova Scotia there are loads of amazing trails that are perfect for bicycling at a range of abilities and difficulty. Choose your adventure and go find it!

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